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XEBEX® Curved Treadmill

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XEBEX® Curved Treadmill
XEBEX® Curved TreadmillXEBEX® Curved TreadmillXEBEX® Curved TreadmillXEBEX® Curved TreadmillXEBEX® Curved TreadmillXEBEX® Curved TreadmillXEBEX® Curved TreadmillXEBEX® Curved TreadmillXEBEX® Curved Treadmill
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Brand: XEBEX®


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Product Description

The new XEBEX ® Curved Treadmill - non-motorized treadmill with slats and curved tread

The new XEBEX ® Curved treadmill gives a whole new running experience that the free running is truly very close. Complete without motor propulsion of the blades tread is only triggered by the dynamic running motion of the rotor and maintained. The case to be achieved speed is virtually unlimited. Acceleration and tempo changes can be performed completely arbitrary as for the free skating. By the necessary momentum of the rotor results in a significantly higher exercise intensity, operated with a higher by approximately 30% of calories as turnover at the motor treadmills. 
Even serious runners that previously could not get anything from a treadmill are XEBEX ® completely convinced Curved. 


  • no motor - no power
  • curved blades tread with optimum ergonomics 
    and a great grip, no material perceptible odor
  • Immediately Ready
  • Running almost like outdoors
  • Walking - Running - Running
  • unlimited maximum speed
  • Speed ​​and tempo changes completely arbitrary
  • significantly higher intensity and higher by about 30% calories sales over motor treadmills
  • Durable, robust and very comfortable to-disc tread
  • effective, actually usable tread 150 cm x 43 cm
  • virtually maintenance free
  • maximum user weight 180 KG
  • by means of transport rollers and lifting bracket easy to position
  • simple battery-powered display, with basic indicators and features
    • Time
    • tempo
    • distance
    • speed
    • temperature display


  • Engine: no engine - normally
  • Speed: Unlimited
  • Slope adjustment: no
  • Damping system: Slats damping
  • Running belt / tape thickness: slats treadmill with 60 blades
  • Dimensions of the tread: length = 150 cm, width = 43 cm - actually and effectively usable tread
  • Footprint (training mode): length = 173 cm, width = 85 cm, height = 164 cm
  • Folding mechanism: no
  • Folding dimensions Adventure: -
  • Maximum permissible user weight, according to the manufacturer's instructions: 180 KG
  • Weight treadmill Adventure: 160 KG
  • Transport wheels: Yes, two fixed wheels, front underside
  • Color: Silver / Black

The seven-page setup and operating instructions in English can be found above in PDF format for download.

For disposal of used batteries, please refer to the  Note on battery legislation

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