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TRX - The Original Campaign!

The Original Campaign!
The Original Campaign!The Original Campaign!The Original Campaign!The Original Campaign!The Original Campaign!The Original Campaign!The Original Campaign!
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Brand: TRX


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Product Description


BUY 4 x TRX C4 Commercial Suspension Trainer™

and GET 2 x TRX C4 + 1 education slot free of charge

When workout systems like the TRX® Suspension Trainer™ and Rip Trainer™ Trainer redefine the fitness industry, counterfeit, knock-offs and imitators are bound to follow. Those poorly made imitations put people's safety at risk and deliver a sub-optimal workout experience. When you buy from, you can rest assured that you're getting genuine, best-in-class TRX products that withstand heavy daily use by some of the world's most demanding users like NFL football teams, top health clubs, and elite military units to name a few.

TRX builds quality and durability into product design. Like manufacturers of mountain climbing gear, we use industrial-strength materials, employ redundant stitching, and build in safety features. This costs more, of course, but it's how we make safe equipment that will withstand major loads. And on top of using top-notch design and materials, we have our products undergo testing for durability and safety.

Why do people buy dangerous fake TRX copies?

Sometimes when people looking for TRX® Gear, they don't know that the lower-cost options often means, counterfeit with lower quality. Although most of the times, people don’t buy TRX® Original gear because the TRX retail price which might seem too high. This makes some people think why they should get an original system, if they can have an almost identical product for a third of the original price and no one can even tell the difference.  

Well, people can tell the difference! In a better case, it is your body that gets to know the difference, and in the worst case, it is going to be your client’s body with a torn muscle or a broken nose. The number of injury reports related to the use of counterfeits is really high. If the straps break during an intensive workout, the subsequent injury might be quite serious.

If you ever start practicing on a device that has never been distributed by an official dealer, such product comes without any warranty and you cannot claim anything for the harm done from your insurance company if case may be. The cheap and fake versions of TRX often see broken straps and carabiners or damaged handles. The reason for these incidents is poor quality materials that cannot carry the load capacity without breaking.

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