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2-Days Mentorship for Personal Trainers by Nick Tumminello

2-Day Personal Trainer Mentorship by Nick Tumminello
2-Days Personal Trainer Mentorship by Nick Tumminello2-Days Personal Trainer Mentorship by Nick Tumminello2-Days Personal Trainer Mentorship by Nick Tumminello2-Days Personal Trainer Mentorship by Nick Tumminello
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Brand: Performance University


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Place: Paphos

Date: 29th & 30th of September 2018

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Product Description

2-Days Personal Trainer Mentorship by Nick Tumminello | Saturday & Sunday, 29th-30th of September 2018 - Paphos, Cyprus

Seats Available: Strictly 05/30  (Live Update)

If you’re passionate about helping people reach their individual goals, love training clients, and are looking for a scientific, but practical, approach to getting your clients specific results then keep on reading. This mentorship is a ‘breath of fresh’ air for the trainers that are tired of the hyperbole and misguided information taught in the industry.

While the new trainer searching for a simple guide to putting together effective workouts will like the simple, step-by-step format this course provides, the seasoned fitness professional will also appreciate the science-based programming methods. So, regardless of your experience level, you’ll recognize the effectiveness of the training methods utilized here and will gain exciting new ideas, insights, and strategies for exercise programming that you can use immediately.

Nick Tumminello, 2016 NSCA Personal Trainer of the Year and Personal Trainer Hall of Fame Inductee, is hosting an exclusive 2-Days Mentorship for Personal Trainers in Paphos, Cyprus. 

* Discover Lessons from 20 Years of Personal Training Experience In 2 Days!
* Take Advantage of This Exclusive Mentorship Opportunity That Is Guaranteed to Make You Better
* During this 2 Days learning opportunity you’ll discover the most effective, battle tested methods and systems for programming and training.
* The complex, often confusing world of fitness and training will be made clear and simple so that you can take what you learn and begin using it immediately with your clients.

Strength Training for Fat Loss & Conditioning Course
During this two-day, intensive learning opportunity you’ll learn Nick Tumminello’s practical, real-world programming methods and systems of exercise selection and training to develop smarter, metabolic strength and conditioning workouts for private, semi-private and small-group training workouts. You’ll take a deep dive look at every aspect of the training process, from exercise selection and warm-up to strength training and conditioning. The complex, often confusing world of program design will be made clear and simple so that you can take what you learn and begin using it immediately with your clients, whether you train at a big-box gym or small studio.

Course Agenda
During your two-days with Nick and a group of other highly motivated trainers you’ll be in the gym and in the class room looking at every important aspect of the training and programming process. This isn’t information that you can learn online or at your typical conference, as nick only shares his exact programming systems in his live courses. It’s an intimate experience and opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s best.

Day 1 - Saturday, 29th of September 2018

Exercise coaching in the Gym | 14:00 – 20:00

You’ll learn:

  • The 5 principles of smarter strength training for fat loss and conditioning
  • The 4 types of exercise that should be in every workout in order to maximize strength and functional ability, and the scientific reasons why.
  • Unique, 3D warm-up protocols that don’t take too much time and get you ready for anything.
  • A smarter way to coach and utilize strength training exercises.
  • How to get more out of each rep: The important aspect of coaching exercises most coaches miss.
  • Nick’s top metabolic conditioning protocols for increasing power-endurance and maximizing the metabolic demand of workouts.
  • The Answers of your Questions

Day 2 - Sunday, 30th of September 2018

Live Workout | 10:00 – 11:00

Program design in the classroom | 11:00 - 16:00 

You’ll learn:

  •  A simple assessment and how to individualize exercise prescription, how to asses on the fly, program design: beginner clients, then intermediate and advanced clients.
  • Nick’s programming system for training beginner clients.
  • A “plug-and-play” workout template for smarter exercise selection that's also designed to overcome the logistical challenges of semi-private and small-group training.
  • A programming system for designing more comprehensive and effective metabolic strength workouts your private, semi-private and small-group training clients will love!
  • How to use undulating periodization in a unique and systematic way to ensure every program has enough consistency for continuous progress, but also variety so each workout is comprehensive, interesting, and effective.
  • And, plenty of practical programming recommendations, such as set/rep schemes to use and sample workout programs.
  • The Answers of your Questions

Sports Science Certified, Experienced Fitness Professionals & Personal Trainers

Dates: Saturday 29-09, 14:00 - 20:00 & Sunday 30-09, 10:00 - 16:00

Language: English

What is Included: 

  • The Mentorship Program (12 hours)
  • Mentoship's Notes
  • Certification of Attendance
  • Dinner at a Restaurant Saturday Night
  • Lunch during the Mentoship Porgram


Early Birds (Until 10th of September 2018): 250€
Regular Price (From 11th - 24th of September 2018): 300€
Late Price (After 24th of September): 350€

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