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MegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout Station

MegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout Station
MegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout StationMegaTec - TRIPLEX Workout Station
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Brand: MegaTec


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Product Description

Compact Workout Station from the new MegaTec ® series  Expandable
by mounting option for various device options (see below)

Space-saving workout station for the discerning home user. 
This workout station combines the popular training devices Latzug, Multipress and Multibank in the smallest of spaces. 
In conjunction with an optionally available dumbbell set, the user can access a variety of possible 
exercises for the training of all muscle groups. 

- Certified to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class H -

- Quality Products Designed in Germany -

  • Stable construction in an extremely compact design
  • Simple and comfortable handling with optimal ergonomics and top functionality
  • Safe, stable and stable
  • Extensive exercise options
  • With Ø 30 mm weight plate as standard, optionally available for Ø 50 mm 
    (Tip: Order the adapters for Ø 50 mm / BB-OA-250-PVC directly with)
  • With protective feet, soil-friendly and non-slip

Lever arm multipress

  • Excellent biomechanics, ideally suited for performing fundamental exercises such as flat bench 
    presses, incline bench presses, neck presses, negative bench presses and other exercises
  • Alternating lever arms with 2 handle variants, eleven times adjustable in fine 50 mm grid height 
    and thus optimally positioned for each exercise
  • The alternating lever arms have over one-piece rigid levers the great advantage that both sides of the body 
    must provide exactly the same training 
    performance until the last repetition, whereby a disharmonious development in terms of strength and muscle size is successfully counteracted!
  • With parking position and adjustment position of the lever arms, for extended exercise variety and more ease of use
  • Including hook-in straight bar for eg squats, tight bench press, etc.
  • Load capacity up to 250 kg (2 x 125 kg)


  • Versatile exercise options through upper and lower pull roller function, can be used without conversion
  • Ball-bearing lever arm for holding the weight plates, with excellent smooth running properties 
    without jerking and tilting
  • Biomechanically optimized resistance curve for increased training stimulus
  • Highly flexible, strain-free steel cable with black plastic coating
  • Adjustable leg clamp
  • Floor plate for a secure footing and hold when pulling over the lower pulley
  • Ideal for training the back, shoulder and arm muscles
  • Load capacity up to 160 kg

Multibank RAS 

  • Safe, extremely variable, comfortable and super stable
  • Optimum ergonomics and easy handling
  • Autarkic usable, and with the help of the bottom plate as a centering quickly and accurately positioned
  • Backrest 15-fold adjustable in inclination from -10 ° (negative) to 82 °
  • Seat 3-fold adjustable in inclination
  • Thanks to the Roller Adjustment System RAS, the bench is always automatically in 
    the correct position for the dumbbell after the inclination has been adjusted, without the bank even having to be moved. 
    The bench is practically aligned only once on the dumbbell rack and can then 
    remain in this position for all exercises from negative to neck pressures.
  • The seat height is reduced by up to 10 cm, depending on the angle of inclination of the backrest. 
    The lower seat height is advantageous for incline and neck pressure as well as for various dumbbell exercises. 
    This brings clear advantages in terms of safety and handling.
  • With swiveling reinforcement strut for heavy loads in flat position
  • Extremely stable frame construction
  • Resilient up to 400 kg
  • With front-tube adapter to accommodate various optional accessory devices (see below) for legs, chest, arms, shoulders and abdomen
  • With transport wheels and swivel handle, for quick and comfortable positioning of the bank
  • With protective feet, soil-friendly and non-slip

Dimensions and weights:

basic unit

  • Depth: 122 cm - 150 cm
  • Width: 132 cm
  • Height: 210 cm
  • Reach: 98 cm
  • Weight: approx. 85 kg


  • Length: about 149 cm
  • Width: about 76 cm
  • Height: about 45 cm - 112 cm
  • Weight: approx. 46 kg
  • Dimensions upholstery Multibank:
  • Backrest: length x width 80 cm x 24 cm / 31 cm
  • Upholstery Total length: 121 cm

Load capacity:

Multibank Bank: 400 kg 
Multipresser Lever arms: 250 kg (2 x 125 kg) 
Lat Pull: 160 kg Color 

combination:  Deep Orange and Jet Black Padding 
: black, with MegaTec logo

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