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MegaTec® - Half Rack

MegaTec® - Half Rack
MegaTec® - Half RackMegaTec® - Half RackMegaTec® - Half RackMegaTec® - Half RackMegaTec® - Half RackMegaTec® - Half RackMegaTec® - Half RackMegaTec® - Half Rack
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Brand: MegaTec


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Product Description

Compact half rack from the new MegaTec ® series. Modular expandable to complete home gym with lat pull and multi bank

Heavy-duty half-rack in professional design. Excellent for training with free weights. This rack in combination with the MegaTec ® Multibank, a Latzuganbau and a dumbbell set a complete home gym in the smallest space. Varied training routines with a variety of exercise variants 
are easily realizable.

Certified to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class H

Quality Products Designed in Germany

  • Stable and space-saving design with only 96 cm construction depth
  • Frame construction made of sturdy 60 x 60 mm profile steel tube
  • Safe, heavy duty and easy to handle
  • Varied exercise options such as negative bench 
    press *, flat bench press *, incline bench press neck press *, squats, etc. (* in conjunction with the MegaTec ® Multibank and a dumbbell set)
  • Heavy-duty dumbbell storage hooks with robust rubber cover for protection of the dumbbell and for greater comfort 
    through noise minimization  when weaning the dumbbell, load capacity up to 250 kg
  • Adjustable in height by 26x, in fine 50 mm grid with scaling for easier positioning
  • Easy-to-handle emergency racks with 10 mm thick rubber pad and a display of 30 cm, 
    usable for all exercises from negative bench press over squats to neck pressure, load capacity up to 250 kg
  • Versatile multi-grip pull-up station with sensible and effective handle options and a reach of 110 cm
  • 2 pieces Ø 30 mm storage mandrels for weight plates, optionally available in Ø 50 mm 
    (tip: Order the adapters for Ø 50 mm directly - see under accessories)
  • Total load capacity of the half rack approx. 500 kg
  • With protective feet, soil-friendly and non-slip

For the extension of the Half-Rack the use of the MegaTec ® Multibank ( MT-MB-10 ) is necessary, because it was especially designed to
match the small depth of thismulti-press
Both products together ensure optimal functionality.

The illustrated dumbbells and weight plates are additional extras and are not included! 
The pictured Multibank and Latzugmaschine are extra charge extras and are not included!

Dimensions and weights:

  • Depth: 96 cm
  • Width: 121 cm
  • Height: 212 cm
  • Weight: about 53 kg


  • Total load capacity: 500 kg
  • Dumbbell storage hook: 250 kg
  • Emergency racks: 250 kg
  • Pull-up station: 200 kg
  • Weight plate rack: 125 kg each

The internal dimension (reach) of the barbell to be used must be at least 125 cm ! 
Due to the low depth, the full functionality of the Half Rack is only given in conjunction with the 
MegaTec Multibank ( MT-MB-10 )! 

Jet Black


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