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SML Dyneema Short Loop Chain - 400mm long

SML Dyneema Short Loop Chain - 400mm long
SML Dyneema Short Loop Chain - 400mm longSML Dyneema Short Loop Chain - 400mm long
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Brand: Firetoys


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Product Description

The SML Dyneema Short Loop Chain is ideal for rigging aerial yoga hammocks and slings. The three loops in this chain allow you to adjust the height of your aerial yoga silk.

Unlike some daisy chains, each loop on this loop chain has a BLL of 23kN. Daisy chain loops usually have a significantly lower BLL on individual loops compared to the strength of the chain as a whole. This loop chain solves that problem making it much safer to use in aerial yoga rigging than a daisy chain.

This loop chain is 400mm long and 15mm wide. Use a carabiner (sold separately) at the top to attach it to your anchor point and fit another carabiner to one of the loops, depending on how high you need to rig your yoga hammock or sling.

The SML loop chain was originally designed as a climbing quickdraw. As such it has rubber inserts in the top and bottom of the chain. These are designed to stop carabiners from moving in the loop.

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