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BellyAttack - Belt (Package of 5)

BellyAttack - Belt (Package of 5)
BellyAttack - Belt (Package of 5)BellyAttack - Belt (Package of 5)BellyAttack - Belt (Package of 5) video
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Brand: Belly Attack


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Product Description

Lose weight fast with WFIR technology!

The overall concept of the BellyAttack® applies patented WFIR (Wireless Far InfraRed) technology. This infrared technique is used successfully for decades for therapeutic purposes. Losing weight with the BellyAttack® is a very effective method, especially in combination with your favourite (fitness) training.

Exercising while using infrared technique is increasingly popular however it has been very restraining since the equipment needed to be plugged into a power outlet.

With the wireless BellyAttack® cables are not needed anymore, giving you full mobility. This allows for maximum fat burning during your favourite fitness training, group exercises or while jogging. The results are amazing!  

How it works?

The human body is made up of 70% water/fluid. Infrared deep heat penetrates deep into the body and activates the water molecules in the body. These active water molecules improve the blood circulation and metabolism, which results in the speedy and efficient removal of waste products. The blood’s pH level also drops, leading to an increase in oxygen levels.

The body is not able to absorb invisible, ‘normal’ infrared rays. Infrared deep heat rays, however, are able to penetrate deep into the body and generate heat. This dilates the capillaries, which further improves blood circulation. It also activates the metabolism of the tissues and of the cells. This stimulates the removal of waste products and heavy metals from the body.

‘Normal’ infrared rays produce a warm sensation on the skin. They do not, however, penetrate deep under the skin. Infrared deep heat is a stronger form of radiation and is to be found much higher up on the infrared spectrum. Infrared deep heat radiation penetrates the skin 40 to 50 times deeper than ‘normal’ infrared rays, which is what makes it very beneficial. If you do a workout under these conditions, with your heartbeat at the correct level (75% of maximum heartbeat) then the benefits of doing the same exercises in a period of one hour will be increased by 100%. This means that you can continue doing your favourite fitness training while at the same time benefiting from this amazing technology!

You can use the BellyAttack® in combination with:

• Group workouts like: aerobics, spinning, dance classes etc.

• A treadmill, bicycle or when using a rowing machine.

• Individual fitness training sessions.

• Squash.  

For Fitness Centers owners

The BellyAttack® attracts new members! The BellyAttack® is aimed at 3 different target groups: exercisers, people who like to exercise in groups and 85% of the market that currently does not exercise. A large part of this group regularly considers losing weight. With the BellyAttack® you can lend them a helping hand. With packages of 5, 10 or 20  which we can offer you for a very sharp price, you will stay one step ahead of the competition!

The first delivery of the BellyAttack® belts comes with a standard digital promotion package consisting of: 

  • Standing banner
  • A3-sized posters
  • Folded leaflets
  • Client holders

After registration you will immediately receive access to the Client Portal on the website. Besides information on refreshing marketing tools and methods, you will also find an order module for your own promotional material. You can choose between various promotion materials of the highest quality, always at a very competitive rate. You can also find additional BellyAttack® accessories and products. You will notice that the turnover, number of members and customer satisfaction increases when you start using the BellyAttack®. Make use of the BellyAttack® total package and watch your business grow!

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