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Barbarian-Line Warrior Bench - Slim

Barbarian-Line Warrior Bench - Slim
Barbarian-Line Warrior Bench - SlimBarbarian-Line Warrior Bench - SlimBarbarian-Line Warrior Bench - SlimBarbarian-Line Warrior Bench - SlimBarbarian-Line Warrior Bench - SlimBarbarian-Line Warrior Bench - SlimBarbarian-Line Warrior Bench - Slim
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Brand: Barbarian


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Product Description
Length: 121 cm
Width: 75 cm
Height: 45 cm / 124 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Endurance: 500 kg

Colour: Jet Black
Upholstery: black

The Warrior Multibank Slim with extra small backrest can to a considerable extent for more power in the bench press care and bringing new training stimuli for more strength gains and muscle growth. Due to the narrow back padding in thoracic region (thoracic vertebral region), the shoulder blades can move more freely is than at wide padded benches usual, which has a significantly expanded range of motion result. Thus, the stretch is increased to the chest muscles and improves flexibility of muscles significantly. In particular, the bench press and the flying-motion, but also with many other exercises here are more muscle fibers activated, which can lead to increased muscle stimulation and more performance gain. The Warrior Multibank Slim with small backrest is the ideal bank to achieve new training stimuli. The Warrior Multibank Slim all exercises can be carried out as they are completed with any conventional multibank. Despite the narrow backrest to stay by the widespread padding part in the lumbar region during training always in a stable position. Best functionality, extremely high load capacity and maximum safety and a top design with a high motivation factor characterize this device in the usual Barbarian Line quality.

A typical Barbarian Line Warrior Bench - Constructed in Germany!


  • Extra slim, only 14 cm wide back pad in thoracic region
  • Widened padding in the lumbar region for a secure grip during training
  • Extended range of motion in almost all exercises
  • Increased flexibility of the musculature
  • Highly secure locking system for individually adjusting the angular positions
  • Back 10-fold adjustable - 0 ° | 15 ° | 25 ° | 35 ° | 45 ° | 50 ° | 55 ° | 60 ° | 75 ° | 82 °
  • Seat 4 positions - 0 ° | 10 ° | 20 ° | 30 °
  • Easy handling
  • Massive tubular steel construction
  • Extremely heavy loads up to +500 kg
  • Robust professional quality, with studio approval!
  • Very stable due to wide extremely slip resistant and protect the soil through rubberised feet with transport wheels and pivoting handle - for quick positioning of Multibank comfortable padding with Barbarian Line Logo



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