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Barbarian Line - Smith Cable Rack - Spoke Weights

Barbarian Line - Smith Cable Rack - Spoke Weights
Barbarian Line - Smith Cable Rack - Spoke WeightsBarbarian Line - Smith Cable Rack - Spoke WeightsBarbarian Line - Smith Cable Rack - Spoke WeightsBarbarian Line - Smith Cable Rack - Spoke WeightsBarbarian Line - Smith Cable Rack - Spoke Weights
€3,500.00 incl. VAT

Brand: Barbarian


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Product Description

Barbarian Line - Smith Cable Rack - spoke weights

This Multi-Rack from Barbarian line includes four fundamental exercise stations in one device! 
Free Dumbbell Rack - Multi Media - Duo Zugapparat with plug weights - pull-up station

The perfectly matched base stations provide an extensive range of exercise - without modification - without compromise!

- Certified according to EN 20957 I.II.IV Class S -

- Quality Products Designed in Germany -

  • Perfect functionality and ergonomics
  • Extremely robust and durable construction
  • High stability - approximately 393 KG weight
  • Easy to use
  • Large safety reserves
  • compact design
  • Latzugstation with dip bars and weight plates storage rack can be retrofitted
  • Free Dumbbell Rack - Half Rack
    • suitable for all popular barbell exercises
    • loadable up to 300 KG
    • including J-hooks and Sicherheitsnotablagen with protective rubber case to protect the dumbbell and noise reduction
    • 29- fold in increments of 5 cm in height, including scaling for ease reproduce the positions
    • Notablagen with 36 cm length delivery, lowest stack height from floor level about 27.5 cm
    • Mounting option for the optional hinge bolts (Part No .: BB-90-CLIP ) for the weight training with resistance bands (Part No .: PB-L )

  • Multi Press - Smith Machine
    • with special, maintenance-free linear units - light and smooth running
    • Guide rods made of hardened steel 30 mm round
    • 8 catch bolt on each side, to support the barbell
    • 30 mm diameter of handle with knurling
    • Weight plates receptacle 35 cm long with a diameter of 30 mm diameter - 50 mm Ø optional on upgradeable via adapter (Part No .: BB-OA-350 PVC )
    • Grip width maximum of 104 cm
    • additional Sicherheitsnotablagen, cm 4 Raster adjustable in height
    • loadable up to max. 300 KG

  • Duo Zugapparat with plug weights
    • 2 weight packets each 55 kg in weight 2.5 KG gradation for fine metering of the draw resistance
    • two independently usable cable apparatus
    • 16-way adjustable steering roller units with Polyamidgleitleisten for easy adjustability - including scaling
    • Pull exercises can be executed from above and from below
    • maximum height carabiner approximately 193 cm
    • Cables are individually as well as simultaneously, without restriction
    • including protective covering of weight packages
    • Ratio 1: 1 - no reduction in resistance by a pulley effect
    • Ball-bearing pulleys
    • highly flexible non-stretch steel cable

  • Multi pull-up station
    • with various meaningful grip variations
    • including a straight pull-up bar at the back of the device
    • Handle diameter 30 mm diameter
    • Load capacity max. 250 KG

The inner dimension (handle length) to be used barbell must be at least 125 cm be!

Another useful accessories can be found instantly when you click on the selection "Accessories" at the top right of the "Description"!


  • Maximum capacity total 600 KG
  • Smith machine max. 300 KG
  • J-CUPS: (pair) max. 300 KG
  • Notablagen: (pair) max. 300 KG
  • Pull-up station: max. 250 KG

Dimensions &. weights:

  • Width: 165/200 cm
  • Length / depth: 144 cm
  • Height: 230 cm
  • Mass:. approximately 393 KG
  • Color: Jet Black - matt


Barbarian Line - Cable Smith Rack - Weight stack 

The illustrated Dumbbells / weight plates, handles and multi benches are extra paid services and not included!

Delivery is disassembled for self-assembly - delivery on pallet by freight carrier to curb. 
Delivery with prior telephone Avis by the shipping company.

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