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ATX® Club Attach - L

ATX® Club Attach - L
ATX® Club Attach - LATX® Club Attach - LATX® Club Attach - LATX® Club Attach - LATX® Club Attach - LATX® Club Attach - LATX® Club Attach - LATX® Club Attach - L
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Brand: ATX


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Product Description

The new ATX ® Club Attach for weight rotary coach

In connection with the barbell Hinge - ATX-BAH + ATX-BAH-PT - and a 50 mm - barbell Club Attach to the total core / rotating trainer will. 
The club Attach simply slides onto the recording of the barbell and fixed quickly and safely with the clamping lever. 
Now a variety unterschiedlichster exercises like standing Alternate Chest Press, Shoulder, Alternate-Press, One Arm Clean and Jerks, squat variations as well as many other exercises are carried out. 
Due to the extended grip the barbell can be shouldered (neck guard G-2020 sold separately), making extensive practice facilities for the leg muscles are developed. 
Various ways of training cover practically all the muscles of the arms, legs and trunk.
The club Attach is in conjunction with the barbell Hinge on the ATX ® - mounted rigs and racks. 
Thus can run a variety of other exercise variations not only single, but also as a Double Club attach.

  • Certified according to EN 20957 - I, II, IV - S
  • Designed in Germany
  • New, optimized model
  • Stable and highly resilient
  • Varied exercise options
  • Handle length 38 cm - suitable for neck protection padded roll
  • Grip size Ø 30 mm
  • Cannonball handle Ø 80 mm
  • Receptacle for Ø 50 mm dumbbells
  • Compact design and low weight of only 3.5 KG
  • Adjustable metal clamping lever
  • Extremely robust polyamide barbells recording to protect the dumbbell bar 
    with integrated pressure plate for reducing pressure points on the horizontal rod, which would otherwise be caused by the threaded part of the clamping lever

To use the club Attach a Barbell Hinge (ATX ATX or BAH BAH-PT) and a rotatably mounted Ø 50 mm barbell necessary!

Matching accessories can be found under the "ACCESSORIES"


  • 1 piece ATX ® Club Attach L 

Barbell / discs and barbell Hinge not included! 

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