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Adidas Super Curl Bar w/SLC (25MM/1'')

Adidas Super Curl Bar w/SLC (25MM/1'')
Adidas Super Curl Bar w/SLC (25MM/1'')
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Brand: Adidas


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Product Description


A mid-length bar with a hammer grip configuration designed specifically to work your triceps, upper back and rear deltoids, biceps, pecs and shoulders. Hammer grip is considered to be the optimal hand position to target both the tricep or bicep muscles during press, curl, row and roll out moves.


Changing the way that you grip a bar can either significantly (or subtly) change the muscles that are recruited during strength moves. The super curl bar enables you to use the bar in eight (8) different hand grip positions include flat, preacher, hammer and with inward and external rotation of the shoulder at the head of the biceps.


To get results with this super curl bar you don't want to be doing hundreds or even tens of reps, load the bar heavy and work on your quality of movement (that's coach speak for don't cheat)!


Every user is slightly different, however we think that we have created a fantastic product. By assessing a wide range of hand sizes and grip techniques we have built a highly versatile product for you to hit every muscle in you upper body.

  • Chrome plated finish
  • Durable solid steel construction
  • Variable hand grip positions
  • Spin lock collars
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