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Adidas Exercise Mat

Adidas Exercise Mat
Adidas Exercise MatAdidas Exercise Mat
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Brand: Adidas


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Product Description


Foam design for maximum lightness and practicality without any compromise on style. Integrated strap and handle makes it easy to store and transport the mat to your gym or studio. The slim profile ensures that the mat gives both grip and comfort when performing conditioning, yoga or pilates styles of workout.


. Not every 'workout' has to be hard work exercise should be as much about recovery as it is about exertion so never underestimate the benefits of flexibility and ensure that every session you spend contracting muscles you also set time aside to stretch them.


Athletes who invest time in flexibility, mobility and all round muscle maintenance are the ones who perform better than those who just think that punishing their body is the way to improve, whatever it takes to make you do it - watch TV, read a magazine or listen to music, just don't neglect your flexibility.


With the increased trend for barefoot exercise we have ensured that the surface of all our mats works to optimal levels whether youre wearing any of our shoes, socks or in fact working in bare feet.

  • Padded and reversible surface
  • Carry strap
  • 172 x 60cm
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