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Partner Program

Affiliate Program

The rising popularity of e-Commerce means that the Eshopforsports affiliate Program is a great way to save money. You send us visitors, they buy from us, and then you earn discounts or free equipment. Earn 15% commission for the total amount of the visitor’s orders on new and repeat purchases. Be an Affiliate Partner with 5 simple steps:

  • Like as on Facebook
  • Share our Facebook page
  • Send us an email to include your name to our Affiliate Partner 
  • Recommend our website
  • Ask the visitors (your guests) to add your name on the Affiliate Partner’s Tab, during the Checkout
  • Receive your Bonus equipment or discount up to 15% on your Equipment


Educational Providers Partners

It is clear for us that combining work and knowledge is a great way to move forward . If you are interested in partnership as an education provider we would be very happy to find out.


Please contact us for more details